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Interlinking Web 2.0 Sites

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Interlinking Web 2.0 Sites


I have a lot of web 2.0 sites (squidoo, hubpages, scribd, blogspot, weebly, tumblr, etc.) that I've built over the past several months linking to my main money sites for backlinks.

I know that Google is starting to crack down on linkwheels and such. I was wondering if there is any sort of way to interlink all of these sites that won't get me in trouble with search engines?

Is it enough to just not close the loop on the linkwheel?

Is it best to just kind of randomly link all of these together?

Should I throw in a few random links to other websites?

Any advice would be much appreciated.
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Hi Clayton,

Well, you know tons of people use a sort of "standard" Linkwheel strategy. This in itself can become a problem with the SE's. So... personally, I will provide linkjuice to my web 2.0 pages that are linking directly to my site. You also need a nice variety of backlinks i.e. articles, blog posts, comments, forums, videos if possible etc... all these nice links that are building in a wide range of areas will help it have a more natural approach.

It sounds like you've got a really nice foundation to build on with the web 2.0 sites. Boost the SEO on those and you should see some nice increase in your rankings and keyword traffic.

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I agree with Crhisi, you don't want to use the same linking strategy that every other webmaster use.

Diversification is the key. Get links from as many places as you can.

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The best advice when interlinking is to do it randomly, everything needs to appear natural as natural as possible, so do not close the loop. I never got into the whole link wheel commotion as I was always randomly linking in my web 2.0 strategies so I would not leave any easily discovered and followed footprints. I also always link out to one high authority website (use technorati to find a high authority website).

Another thing to remember at the moment Google will not penalize your Website if they discover your backlinks all linking together, from what I understand is that they will just filter out those links so that they will not be counted or the value of these links will go down.
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