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Inform me about sitemaps and SEO

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Inform me about sitemaps and SEO

The importance of sitemaps is a part which the entire people are talking about at present. It is truly important for attaining sitemaps. How would sitemaps be beneficial? Is there any person here who could tell me regarding this matter? It makes simple navigation for site visitors as what I have been told. In seeking the website, it helps the search engines. I would prefer having sitemaps on my site if this is the real deal. I have been trying to introduce my site. I do not like to have any kind of flaws so what should be done?
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A sitemap is for the search engine spiders to make sure that all of your pages are crawled. They don't boost rankings and the don't help users of your site. Sitemaps just help you get pages indexed faster.
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I suggest that you check out the lessons on site building here https://www.affilorama.com/site-building .

These are great video's that you can watch over and over to make sure you don't miss a thing.

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There are really two different kind of site maps, there is the site map that most good web editors will make which is a background for the search engines will find and the other site map is the one you would put together for visitors to see. The site for visitors to see is a good idea because of tablets. Tablets don't have the ability of letting the user see what is in a drop down menu so if you have your site map page which lists all your pages with links to all of them then people can see any of your pages.
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Sitemaps are for google bots to navigate the site better. You shouldn't worry if your site has a good navigation, but it wouldn't hurt to have it either. The easier the bots can crawl your site, the quicker your inner pages get indexed, which will mean more traffic.
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