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I Want To Edit All Alt Tags On My Site

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I Want To Edit All Alt Tags On My Site

Everytime I use Traffic Travis on all my sites there's always warnings about alt tag. The theme I use let me specify the alt tag on some of the images, but there are always some of them left out.

Is there any Wordpress Theme or plugin that enables a way to edit every single alt tag? I have tried the plugin "SEO Friendly Images" which replaces any empty alt tag with for instance image file name, but it only helps to some extent. Still, some of the alt tags are always left out.

This is the drawback with Wordpress compare to design your own website with the ability to always be able to edit the code directly.
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When uploading new pictures you can give any of them an alt-tag without a plugin:


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When it comes to ALT tags, the most you can do is ensure that all images you've uploaded on your site have them.

Some images you place on your site, banners coming from products you're promoting for example, may not have them and you may not be able to edit them to add ALt tags. In cases like these, you would just have to ignore the error on Traffic Travis and move on.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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I agree with Cecille. You only need to fix those images that need optimizing. For the rest of the images that don't just ignore the warning.

SEO Friendly Images is a great plugin. I used that as well. :) Just do not make a huge fuss over the alt tags error you see on your website. As long as the important images are properly optimized with alt tags, then you'll be fine :)

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