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I am having www vs no www issues

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I am having www vs no www issues

I'm starting to notice that some of my pages are indexed with www and some are not. I tried to get all my backlinks WITHOUT the www. Now the question is, do my backlinks count for both www and non www pages? and if not...is there a way to unify all my pages without the www and for google to index it as that?

I started building backlinks 3 days ago. I have over 200 approved articles. I checked my google webmaster tool often and see no backlinks, yahoo shows no backlinks, and the affiloramna tool shows no backlinks. I know backlinks take a long time to update, but somewhere in my mind I am worried about this www vs non www issue. I did a search on google about this issue, though not much information, the information I did find seem liked a major problem I am very confused and frustrated at the moment. Please help, my pages are all over the place on google.
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In google webmaster tools you can go to site configuration > settings and then select your preferred domain, i.e., the non-www version.
If it's only been three days since you started building backlinks, they won't show up yet. It takes a bit of time as bots have literally gazillions of webpages to crawl
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Mark posted a solution to this in the Affilorama newsletter

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Hi - could you post a link to the particular newsletter? And is there a better one to choose as the preferred one - www or not?
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To force your site to use either www or no www, there are several ways to do this.

WordPress - Change the Settings > General. Specify in the URL settings whether you want www or non www.

Other Sites - Edit your htaccess file. Create a .htaccess file with the below code, it will ensure that all requests coming in to domain.com will get redirected to [www.domain.com]. The .htaccess file needs to be placed in the root directory of your old website (i.e the same directory where your index file is placed)

Please REPLACE domain.com and [www.newdomain.com] with your actual domain name.
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