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How to use video to drive traffic and boost SEO

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How to use video to drive traffic and boost SEO


I'm wondering if anyone has a successful strategy using video to drive traffic and build backlinks/improve SEO?

Youtube is obvious, but what other video sites are the best to submit too, how do you include backlinks that count, etc?

Thanks in advance!
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Check out this article that lists video sharing sites for link building:
http://www.searchenginejournal.com/dofo ... ites/8763/

It has been posted a while back but I think some of those sites still allow dofollow links.
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The main way of including links is in the profile page. This can give you link juice but I do not think many actual visitors will go and look at your profile (unless your a big youtubing personality) and follow the link back to your website so adding it to the profile is mainly for linkbuilding. Displaying your url in the actual video as a watermark is obviously for getting visitors back to your site and it works great in my opinion. Especially with a strong call to action.
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This may help :
"How To Create Short But Powerful Video Clips For Your Website" or
" How To Stream Video Live On Your Blog or Website"

They are from this site - www.gideonshalwick.com

I have no connection, affliate or any other with the site.
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