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How To Reduce Bounce Rate?

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How To Reduce Bounce Rate?

One of my websites has 90% bounce rate. :( I am wondering how to get it lower.

Please advice me with your ideas and experiences.
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There are several ways to reduce bounce rate. The first thing to look at is your Google Analytics. Where are you getting your traffic and for what keywords? Then look at the articles on these pages. Are they relevant to the keywords you're targeting?

The following page might help:
https://qualaroo.com/beginners-guide-to ... xit-rates/

All the best!
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Pages relevant to your keywords is a great place to start. Next, be sure that you have GREAT content on your site. Take a look and see if it is all advertising without very much other helpful content. Consider the things that make you stay and click around on a site. Is it a site that offers you something in return or is it a site that only asks something from you? Personally, I try to get as much info as I can for free when I'm on a site. If, while I'm doing this, I discover a product that would be very helpful & is relevant to what I'm searching for on the site, I might click through and purchase it. If I click on the site & find that it's all advertising, or that the content is not well-written, I click away almost immediately. It takes less than a second to assess this, normally. Content is king. :) Hope this helps.
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I learn many things from this thread. Thanks for share valuable answer.
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Website bounce rate depends upon its user experience, page loading speed and type of content you are providing to the users.

If your website does not have an impressive user interface then user will not waste single minute to close it. It's very important to provide good user experience to the users.

The second reason if your website page speed is slow. Such type of things frustrates user and they prefer to close the website.

The other thing is relevancy of information. If your website is not providing the exact information it has been made for, then there are very rare chances of user to stay on that web page. Try to provide relevant information to the user with proper use of images, text and videos.
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One reason could be if you are using any kind of reciprocal advertising service for your site.
The most obvious such program is Traffic Exchanges.
These kind of programs can be useful for building awareness that your site is out there. I use them myself, but they are fatal for bounce rate as hardly anyone is going to dig deeper into your site.
If you are using such programs, you need to either create a duplicate landing/index page on a completely different hosting service and URL which then links into the main site should anyone click any link, or use a 'splash' page that gives some initial info on your site with a call to action.
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There could be a problem with your pages loading in the visitors browser. Ask others to load your website in their browser. Maybe the pages load slowly or go to a blank screen.
Get feedback from friends online and at forums about your page load speed. If you can resolve any page load/speed issues you should reduce bounce rate for your site.
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