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How to prevent your site from being scraped?

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How to prevent your site from being scraped?

I've read horror stories from webmasters whose sites were scraped causing them to lose serious page/site ranking due to duplicate content. What are some good ways to prevent your site from being scraped?
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There is actually now way that you can prevent anyone from copying content from your website, even when you display copyright notices on it

If your site had the content first and it has been crawled and indexed by the search engines, then the search engines know that your site has the original content and all those other websites copied it from your site and thus those other sites (and not yours) will be penalized for duplicate content.
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There's a way to protect content rich sites against scraping.
If you have a directory, UGC platfrom, a big online catalogue etc. it makes sense to protect it.
Some would even say it is insane not to protect your content, if it is the main business asset that you monetize.

SiteBlackBox (www.siteblackbox.com) offers a comprehensive anti-bot and anti-scraping solution.
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If you build your site gradually and make sure to write your articles to be totally original and then tweet them as Mark teaches, the S.E.'s will crawl your site on a regular basis so they will recognize your content as being original. This is one reason that I recommend that you should write a completely new original article for spinning purposes that is different from your sites article. This will help to keep your sites pages unique.

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Paul J. Burkhardt
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So i'm looking at my awstats and see that i get like 6 visitors but have 100 hits. Doing the math each hit looks at 15+ pages. But i doubt it, i think that 1 of them is going theough all the pages on my site. Is this a sign of my site being scraped?
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