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How to Increase User Registration?

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How to Increase User Registration?

Hello Folks,

There is my client new matrimony site. My client is asking for user 100 registration in a month. Please advice me How to Increase User Registration?

Any reply really appreciated.
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Hi Caroline,

You need to have a good content, a good website structure, and then back it up with the right marketing campaign- (paid or free).

The bottom line is: It is always about having good content to share with your audience. It is equally important that you also know how to target the right audience to sign-up- this requires a lot of research and it depends on how your marketing plan will be.
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There are many aspects to take into consideration when you are looking to increase your conversion rate.
Can you show us your website so we can suggest more targeted advice?
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You could promote your website to the social networking like Facebook, twitter and other websites, telling people that they can earn something from registering on your site.
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A big thing that many people overlook is their contact form structure. If your contact form is way too long, and way too aggressively "big brother," you're in trouble. If someone is looking for appliance repair, and they are suddenly being asked about their marital status, salary, etc, they'll bounce off. It's disconcerting, especially in this era of data/identity theft... and it's too labour/focus-intensive for an ADD generation that surfs with 50 tabs open at once.
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Useful content, free newsletter and simple contact form - these things should help you.

And, of course, a marketing campaign would be good.
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