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How to increase more followers on social media?

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How to increase more followers on social media?

How to increase more followers on social media...........?
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Hi Samuel,

You have to have an active account in social media. This means that you will need to post more often, relevant and good content that your audience/followers will like and will likely to share. You will also need to become active in providing relevant comments to relevant posts. Basically, all you have to do is become active and transparent to all social media activities for interested parties to notice you. Then of course, there is the paid ad to increase followers.
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To increase the follwers on social media-
Create a fan page on every social channel where you want to promote your services.
Invite your very friend on that page.
Now the most important thing is posting content that is fresh, unique and quality.
Use attractive images in your post.
Post videos that are informative according to your business.
Connect with the audience on social channels.
Always respond their comment personally.
Link your every social profile with other social networks.
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If you have limited budget, I would suggest you focus your business on Social Media, especially on Facebook Marketing. There're many ways to promote your Facebook fanpage, below some of them:

Free ways:
- Invite your friends to like the Fanpage
- Share your content into relevant and related groups (hosting/domain groups)
- Share your content on relevant and related Fanpages (hosting/domain fanpages)
- Add a widget about your Fanpage on your website
- Run a mini game with attractive prizes that let people like and share your posts
- Run a give away contest to get more fans and engagements
- Ask for help on other fanpage admins to share the content for you.

Paid ways:
- Facebook Ads (CPC, Post engagement, Page like,...)
- Rent posts from KOLs fanpage
- Rent post from other famous fanpage in the same market.

I hope this helps.
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Building social media traffic is a lot like a city planner knowing how to efficiently get traffic in and out of a city. If each roadway into a city is a different source of website visitors, your social media traffic should certainly be a pillar to your highway infrastructure.
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Getting other people to share is helpful. If you don't mind low cost paid promotions you can use the boost post otion in FB. Also use DB live. It really helps engage your audience and get direct feedback as well as generating loads of fresh content ideas by asking diect questions.
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Increasing the followers in social media is very important to get traffic for a website through social media. Some of the tips to increase followers are: Prepare professional profile. Join some professional groups, Share and post images, content and videos related to business.
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Some awesome tips to get more followers on social media:
1. Make sure your content is shareable
2. Find The Best Times For You To Share To Social Media
3. Share More Often To Get More Followers
4. Reach out to influencers
5. Be Positive, Always
6. Add Images To Facebook Updates For 2.3x More Engagement
7. Write a professional bio
8. Stay active
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You can also pick a specific dayfor jokes related to your content. Keep things on the lighter side just to keep your followers engaged more. Of course that should draw in more followers to your page.
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There are many ways are effective to increase your followers in the social media but most of them help to increase instantly and after sometimes it will be decreased automatically. I used to ECIR Pro who helps to get more and more real followers for my social media.
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