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How To Identify Bad Backlinks?

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How To Identify Bad Backlinks?

How to identify 'bad backlinks' for a website? It is believed that 'bad backlinked' websites are normally penalized by Google. Is there any Web Page that educates a growing Internet marketer about bad back linking?
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Bad backlinks are usually spammy links and links with no relevance to your website whatsoever. This article in MajesticSEO details how you can identify bad backlinks:
Identifying a Bad Backlink Profile

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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According to me, Low quality and irrelevant back links are counting bad links for our site. So I will always trying to choose the way like generating quality back links rather than quantity back links.

Back links are at best irrelevant and at worst causing some kind of penalty. SEO involving back links is dead.
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I can suggest that remove all the links with less than 30 DA. Also a remove of forum profiles, articles etc will be good. If you could show me your site I could help you a little more.
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