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How To Get Traffic To My Blog

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How To Get Traffic To My Blog

i have had a blog over 6 month now but not getting any amount of traffic. trying to sell clickbank product on blog but having very hard time. would somebody kindly give me some strong advertise on selling these product. trying my level best to make a living from online as am flat broke need help with 3 children and wife..
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Hi Ashik,

I apologize for the delay in responding to your post. I'm sorry to hear you're not getting traffic to your site. We could give you feedback on your site. Please post your site URL so we could look at the site and what niche you're in and we will help you improve the site so that you get more traffic. However, this is going to take time. Link building and driving traffic to your site is not immediate. It's going to take time and if you need funds right now, then I suggest you look at other means of supporting your family while working in affiliate marketing. You can try offering your services as a writer or a customer support person. You can earn on the side for now while working on your own affiliate marketing site.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Make comments on other blogs, forums and website of your niche, you would get traffic. update your blog and make posts daily.
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For getting traffic at your blog try to put exclusive material with attractive and classic presentation on regular basis. You must give feed back or reply of visitors comment.
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Hi one of the best ways of getting traffic to your blog, create an article and submit it to places like Ezine article, example write about how to create a blog and make money. Also when it comes to blog writing make sure your title has the key word you are blogging about that helps the search engine find your blog. hope this helps and good luck.
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Post useful content on regular basis. Then try to share it with maximum people through social media and discussion communities.

Also keep in mind about target keywords and optimize blog posts accordingly so that you can get benefits from search engines also.
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If you really want to build an audience for your blog then update fresh and attractive content in your blog regularly by using targeted keywords in your content that will help you appear in SERPs more fast. Then promote it into social media.
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You can get some traffic from other niche related blogs by guest blogging and commenting using non-spam anchor text like "MY WIDGET BLOG". to find a bunch of related blogs try doing searches like "list of widget blogs", "best widget blogs", "top widget blogs" and other variations. Be sure to write high quality comments or they will not likely stick.

Never Give Up!!!!
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Paul J. Burkhardt
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You first need to make sure you are submitted to all the major search engines, then you need to get links to your blog from other websites eg: forums, facebook, myspace, stumble, other blogs, delicius + other bookmarking sites, you can also submit articles to websites based around your content then add your link to the article, you can also buy traffic from freelancers from SEOclerks at cheap rates.
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