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How to get site back to #1 result?

teresa fernandez
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How to get site back to #1 result?

Hi guys,

I have a problem with one of my sites and I'm desperate for help!

I'll try to sum up the situation very quickly:

I created a mini site for a slots product called 50 Lions Slots. I own the domain with the exact match for that keyword (www.50lionsslots.com). I produced original content for the site, made it live, did some article submission and the site quickly went to #1 on Google's result page for that keyword. I was so proud and happy!

Then after about a month of being there, I added a review page for the casino I'm promoting and I used someone else's review as template, re-worded it, uploaded it on my site and did article submission (more re-wording, spinning, etc), then suddenly about the same day when I uploaded this new page on the site, my site just disappeared completely from the SERP.

At first I thought that it was because my sites were down about 7 times within two weeks, I kept arguing with my hosting provider and eventually had no choice but to move all my sites to another webhosting provider.

I'm completely lost here about what could have happened. One the one hand I had problems with my sites being down constantly over a period of two weeks, then the potential issue of duplicated content (although it wasn't all copied, maybe some chucks but that's it), then thinking it may had to do with the fact that the servers were I now have my sites are in the US rather than the UK (where I had them hosted at first and where my primary market is).

Can someone help?
Was it really that Google saw it as duplicated content and banned me from the SERP?
Was it the server down time?
Was it because I moved my sites from the UK to the US?
What can I do to get my site back up on the SERP?

I completely edited the review about 1-2 weeks ago to have it 100% original content but until there's no change.

I'd appreciate anyone's help, thoughts or comments on this. I was doing so well and after this my mood just went down to the floor! :o(
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First of all, there is no duplicate content penalty. that is a amyth that has been busted time and again. Where they will penalize you for duplicate content is having multiple pages on your own site with duplicate or extremely similar content.

As far as your rankings, how old is the site? if it is fairly new, this is common, especially with exact name kw domains. Google will often rank a new site quickly for a few days or even weeks, then, your rankings will drop. just keep building new links. it takes time, and patience to do seo, but it will crawl back up.

One thing you have to realize is new sites come and go so fast that Google is slow to trust a new site. it can take 6 months to 1 year to gain trust, and have more stable rankings.
just keep building the site, and focus on other sources of traffic such as forums, blogs in your niche, and social media. The more direct traffic you can send to your site, the better you will be.

Also, start building an email lists asap. then, update your list when you add new content to your site. My email lists are not just a source of sales, they are one of my top traffic sources as well, to new content on my sites.

The more direct traffic you get, the easier it will be to gain trust with google. Join social groups and network with other websiet owners. they can be your best source of fresh traffic early on, and generally, if they have q
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It is unlikely that your not being on page one of search results is due to a duplicate content issue. It is my understanding that Google's penalty for duplicate content is limited to not allowing a top on-page rating not a total ban of the site. It is common for websites that are relatively new to bounce in and out of search results.

Your answer to correcting the problem is the same whether your drop in standings is due to a Google algorithm change, or an arbitrary whim. You need to continue to actively build links. It is not uncommon for a site to be on page one then dropped completely. I have had several websites do well at first, lose favor with the search engines only to suddenly reappear six to eight weeks later.

The more effort you put into creating backlinks the greater power the website will have when it does finally come back to page one search results. Forget about results for now. Do what is required and your backlinking work will prove itself somewhere in the relatively near future.

Don't worry about the why except to improve or correct those things that you know can be improved. Why something happened is irrelevant. Avoid worrying over spilled milk as it only takes your energy away to do the work that you know you should be doing.

Good luck! You site will bounce back.

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Your site is still in Google's index so it could be the Google Dance. Your site is relatively new so Google is re-evaluating your site to see if it should remain in their index and what keywords it should rank for. When your site matures and if you work hard at adding lots of quality content and building backlinks, you'll suddenly reappear.

I would just like to give you a heads up on using product names on your domain. If you are naming your website after a product, then it becomes a legal issue of trademark infringement. This means that the product owners could legally force you to turnover your site to them.
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Michellerana, we operate in an area that has in recent years become very cut-throat.
Wildlife displays, zoos and the like.
Limited market and too many players.
We own registered trademarks and have a steady stream of bootleggers who use them as keywords for SEO to jump us in search.
When we find out, we take action. We are probably too nice, but first we engage in counter SEO and hope this suffices.
It usually doesn't, as the bootleggers invariably have the taste of the money from ripping off our clients.
Then we send the "cease and desist" letters and go directly for the backlinks and have them removed under threat of legal action.
If this either fails or the bootlegger continues, we then sue them and yes, we have deactivated websites run by bootleggers.
In other words, I suggest avoid SEO for trademarks in your own business!
All the best
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