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How to Get Genuine Facebook Like

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How to Get Genuine Facebook Like

I am starter in SMO (Social Media Optimization). I have created my Business facebook page and I get daily creative and unique post.
But unfortunately, I didn't get any response yet. What do i need to do for getting like?
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you need to be participating in conversations and engaging with customers, prospects and partners on social media and Writing better headlines will get more clicks from social media..

Concentrate more on your headlines and use the boost link to boost the post... use engaging images .. It is said that images get more response than text...
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Shaishav Sood
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Images are key, as stated above. Many people start out with some sort of contest or giveaway when they're just beginning their FB journey. This should also give you a way to drive traffic directly to your site instead of keeping everything on FB. Start with the people you've already got...do a giveaway. As long as what you are giving is good, they are likely to share it with others on their FB...or others will just see that they "liked" it and wonder why & check out your page. Once you have a little bit of a customer base because of word of mouth, you can do another & then work your way into regular updates to those viewers. Keeping them might be the more difficult task, as this requires that you have regular & relevant articles on the site you're driving them to...with quality of content that will keep them coming back instead of deciding not to follow your page anymore.
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How much time you work on social media. May be it take time to give proper result.
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You can bring attention to your page by commenting on other pages while signed in on your page admin account. When commenting on other related pages, be sure to add relevant comments and don't blatantly spam the page with links to your own page. Just be subtle about your promotion efforts. If people like what you have to say, they are likely to click through to see what your page provides.
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Create posts, that inspire people to share your content. Also upload eye-catching images.
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The good way to get more likes and followers is to earn them by having good posts. Post every day about things that a wide range of people find interesting and use hashtags often. Promote your Facebook page across various channels like other social media sites or websites. try paid services of SEOclerks at very cheap rates.
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Hello all!
If all you are trying to do is get likes you can do all kinds of old school link building that will bring you direct traffic to your facebook page but will NOT likely help to bring in any better search results. In other words you can blog comment like crazy on related blogs, write a bunch of articles for article sites and even post a bunch of free classified adds on classified sites. If you write good articles, post interesting comments and write catchy adds this can bring you a long term flow of traffic to your page.

But remember this will NOT help your page rank well with the search engines nor will it likely bring traffic to your site that you link to through your facebook page as this traffic will likely stop once it has reached your page but you should get likes here and there. If you are going to bother doing this you should probably put a call to action going to an offer right on your page in hopes of making sales through it but facebook may not like that.

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Paul J. Burkhardt
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You can try these techniques:

1. Include social media widgets like Facebook in your website
2. Add a Facebook link to your newsletter content
3. Run Facebook ads to target your market
4. Join similar pages/groups to collect likes in the same market
5. Post good, likable content- you can post your own content AND you can also share (similar) trending content to your page
6. Become an active Facebook user- this mean you need to also like, comment, share and join groups/pages
7. Use good, interesting and big photos (Big photos catch attention)
8. Ask questions or conduct surveys
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