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How to evaluate your SEO efforts?

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How to evaluate your SEO efforts?

To ensure your business is successful, you need to know what metrics are the most important.

The best way of doing this would be by tracking the ones that matter and focusing on them regularly to give an accurate representation for future decisions made within the company and provide feedback.

The ones that matter depends on the business and its goals.

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The metrics that you can use to evaluate the effectiveness of your SEO are as given below:

Track your website's ranking for specific keywords on search engines. Higher ranking will bring more visibility and traffic to your site.

Monitor the amount of traffic coming to your site from organic search results. This will give you an idea of how many people are finding your site through search engines.

Track the number of conversions (sales, leads, etc.) generated by your organic traffic.

Detect the number and quality of backlinks that your site is receiving. It will help you know how strong is your website in the eyes of search engine.

Follow google search console, as it will help you know easily which pages are been indexed by google, which pages have been blocked or which site has site has issues. It perfectly let you know that how well your site has been crawl by google.

Longer the period of time spent on site is the positive response from the audience that readers are finding your content relevant and useful.

Track the percentage of people who click on your site's listing in the search results. A high CTR can indicate that your title and meta descriptions are captivating and relevant to users.

Make sure your website is not receiving any high bounce rate. High bounce rate is the mark of poor SEO. It gives a negative impact to a website.
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