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How to check the rankings of my SEO

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How to check the rankings of my SEO

On step 5 video 1 I needed to add my website which I did ,and I added my keywords , but under the rankings of the keywords I see only - . And for a homework you are asking me to check the rankings ! What did I do wrong , that is not showing me anything ? ( I connected to google as well ) . And another question from the same video -Where to look for SEO issues ? I believe there are differences between mine affilotools and the one on the video :D Thank you in advance !
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Hi Anatoli,

If you are using Affilotools to check your rankings and on-page SEO, please take note that if you see a dash besides your target keywords under Rankings tool, it means that the keyword is not yet ranking.

For SEO issue in Affilotools, you can check it under Health Check section.
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You can give a try to serps.com/tools/ranl_checker, it is free and it gives an indication about your ranking related with the keyword you have targeted. I tested it but I can not be sure if it is really effective and real or a bit fishy about their result. It could be a good indication if things are going fine or not and then test it manually.
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Sorry,what do you mean by ranking of you seo, you mean website rank? If it is website rank, you could check it in google with keywords.
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Traffic Travis is free and you can upgrade to TT Pro for more keywords and for one off payment. Much cheaper than $67 per month for Affilotools
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Try http://www.rankwatch.com/, RankWatch enables automated daily and weekly rank tracking in less than 30 seconds without using any proxies.

Also, it offers a free website analyzer tool to check the website seo and generates the seo report in few seconds. Here’s the free link- https://www.rankwatch.com/tools/web-analyzer.html
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Rank Tracker - https://www.rankwatch.com

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