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How to Build Brand Value??

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How to Build Brand Value??

How to Build Brand Value for My Website and Business? I have created many high PR backlinks for my website but still it is ranked on tenth page. It is so far away that users can’t reach to it. What should I do now to get my site ranked in first 10 results?
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If you are describing your product make sure to include both the pros and the cons of the product. Include one or two testimonials too. Sites like Google + and Pinterest also can do a world of good to your online advertising.
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It takes some time because internet is not like quick rich scheme. You have to focus on quality traffic and have to generate niche for that.

Your keywords are not in the position at which you want to see, but you can continue with working on those keywords. You will find your keywords result on top very soon. High PR link work effectively.
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I recommend Content Marketing it's the "new SEO", after you optimize your SEO, put out great content that helps people and become an Authority, you have to convince the search engines that you are a helpful resource and once they see that (through natural links, social shares, direct traffic, referrals, low bounce rates, activity, LIFE lol, etc etc.) then they will rank you better.

You can continue to do link building but Content Marketing works better in my opinion. If your back-links go away then what? you stop ranking. But if you build up Authority, people FOLLOW you (email list) and so you won't need google as much, of course you'll rank good in search but that will be an added bonus of traffic, a reward from google/Bing.

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If you are promoting a limo service site, you might try to get your website/service reviewed on hospitality or travel sites. This will provide not only direct traffic generation from others who read the review on a travel site but also a useful backlink from a credible industry source. This is just one way to get backlinks you might need to increase your site's credibility in Google's eyes and also ensure you rank higher for the keywords you want.
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steps to build brand equity.

    Target your audience.
    Get the consumer’s attention.
    Make the public remember your brand.
    Build a solid brand image
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