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How much free traffic is good enough?

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How much free traffic is good enough?

For SEO and other free sources of traffic.

1. How much traffic is good enough? (How many visits per day, week or month?)
2. How much of that traffic is in the email list?
3. What niche are you on?
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Hi Ely,

For me there is no specific number to this--- the higher the number is (for traffic and for your list); the better.

Traffic is never constant. You do not just stop building links and updating your website once you reached a certain number of 'desirable traffic'.

But for the list, if you have say around a thousand or more list and they are quality subscribers and sales are good, then you may slow down on your list building.
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I agree with maryt. The Traffic of the site is fluctuated. More traffic on your site sign of more business.
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If you are getting huge amount of traffic then its a good sign that your website is getting popular. There is no specific number for traffic if you have install analytics then you can easily understand how much traffic you are getting the number of visitors on daily, weekly & yearly basis.
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it is not matter how many traffic get your site per day rather its matter total traffic get your site and get benefit your business.
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There’s a lot of advice on how to get traffic to your website. But how do you know whether or not your firm’s website gets enough?
You could easily spend $30,000 or even $100,000 on a flashy new website. But if not enough people see it, is all that money really worth it?
Nobody gives you any guidance on this subject and all your contemporaries claim they get thousands or millions of hits per month.
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