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How long does it take Google to find backlinks?

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How long does it take Google to find backlinks?

Is it just me or is it taking longer these days for google to find our backlinks? I have some sites that have been linked to PR3+ sites for 5 months and still those are not accounted for. I am losing faith in Google Rank.
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It can really take quite a long time for Google to recognize backlinks from other sites to yours. Most of the time, it is because the links you posted in other websites do not get traffic. That is, no one clicks on your anchor text or link from that other websites. When a visitor does, then, that is the time the backlink is counted.

My two cents. Have a good day!
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Just adding to what Cecille said where you place your links is really important. It is all very well submitting to hundreds of directories or blogs, but if those blogs and directories do not promote your article then how are the search engines supposed to find it?

In most cases the page containing your article will not even be indexed. That is why you can auto-submit to 700 directories but only gain 20 extra links.
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However you can do some task to make it quicker for google to find and index your backlinks.One method I always use is creating rss feed.By creating rss feed you can force Google to index your backlinks.However there is also a good network which can help you to create rss for your backlinks and automate the whole process and here is the site address linklicious.me
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It depends on the frequency that google crawls the page you place the backlink on. There are some which Google will find within a day and others that can take a couple weeks or more.

Here is how you can test if Google has found a link of yours. Go to the page where the link appears, check if that link is there or has not been removed. Then copy the URL and type into Google:
And look at the cache. Does your link appear in it? If so, then Google has found your link and "knows" about it.

I hope this helps a bit!
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There is no regulation how long google will find the backlinks, it depends on the site and the backlink, so just be patient, and check the backlinks by siteexplorer.info in time, maybe you can find here.
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