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How important is referral traffic?

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Referred traffic is just traffic unless it converts. Better conversion means less bounce rates and more page views on the site. If you are not getting these actions from your referred traffic, then it does not matter how much you get from your referrals, quantity is not everything.
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Its beneficial when we have created do follow backlinks
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The referral is the traffic that we get from different domains instead of from search engines.

Referral traffic is important for your website because it sends potential customers to your business thereby, increasing conversions.
When someone visits your website from another domain, they are clicking on a link or performing some type of social activity to reach your website. Search engines (Google and others) consider these clicking activities as positive ranking factors as long as they are coming from reputed and trusted websites.

So, referral traffic is pretty important as long as they are not coming from a source that the search engines do not like.

You can read more about it *moderator removed link*
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Referral traffic is one of the best traffic methods in SEO and its helps to inbound marketers because it sends potentially qualified visitors to your website from trusted websites
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Referral traffic is crucial to inbound marketers since it directs potentially qualified traffic to your site from reputable web sites. Referral traffic additionally offers search engine optimization benefits. Whenever your web site is visited by someone they are clicking onto a hyperlink or completing some kind of actions.
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Referral traffic means the percentage of website traffic that is generated apart from Search Engines (Google). For example, when you click a link on a Social Media or another website. So the website traffic created by this means is Referral Traffic. It can be converted into conversion.
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Referral traffic can be the best if you build links on the relevant sites. it will increase the chances of traffic converted into the conversion.
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There is even some potential marketing destination which is called like this totally and completely and it's name crowd marketing, it's based completely on this topics and works from them. It gives you very targeted traffic from high traffic sites and it really make sales skyrocketing.
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Okay lets discuss about"Why Referral traffic is important?"
There are various reasons for Referral traffic.

1 thing if you are getting Referral traffic from the trusted sites that it will help you to increase you traffic, sales and lead outside of search engines.

2 If your website is generating Referral traffic from the trusted domains than it will also help for Keywords ranking improvements on the search engines.

Now I am sharing my experience with:-
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1. User traffic to your website will increase and that gives direct conversion (eg. signups)
2. Keyword ranking in search engine will increase if you get referral links to your target search keywords
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Referral traffic is important to inbound marketers because it sends potentially qualified visitors to your website from trusted websites. ... Referral traffic also has SEO benefits. When someone visits your website from another site they are usually clicking on a link or completing some type of social activity.
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