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How do you use high search vol, awkwardly phrased keywords?

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How do you use high search vol, awkwardly phrased keywords?

I was just wondering how more advanced affiliates would use keywords like: "[product name] best price" in articles or web pages. That's just an example, but if the word has decent search volume, but sounds awkward in every day conversation, how can you use this search term? Just stick the keyword in the url and h1 tags, backlink the crap out of it and hope for the best? Or just put the awkward search term in the articles or on the web pages as is? Obviously, you wouldn't want to pass it up....

Thanks in advance
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You may use variations of the targeted phrase within your article. Spiders of search engines recognize significant words based on position and frequency. The order of the keywords or splitting them up in the article doesn't really matter much as long as they're arranged relatively close together. Search engines will display the main words that were searched for not necessarily in the same order that they were typed in.

You don't need to use the exact keyword phrase on your anchor text. You can mix it up a little as long as you main keywords are in there. e.g. 'Exercises to lose belly fat' and 'lose your belly fat through exercise' would be fine. It looks more natural if you vary the words in the anchor text a bit. You'd still rank for your keywords as long as the main words are there.
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Using LSI's that don't sound awkward also help...Usually when you use awkward keywords in your writing, you sacrifice readability or SEO, you have to find a happy medium. In the end you're getting humans to buy, not Search engines.
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It depends actually, for me. If I can find a way to make it sound a little bit logical, I stick with the exact match. If I can't, then a variation will have to suffice. I've found personally that exact matches rank way higher to begin with.

If you're in it for the long term, go for variations and readability.
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