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How do you save your client’s sites from penalization?

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How do you save your client’s sites from penalization?

Hello folks,

What are the techniques do you use to save your client’s websites from penalization or to be banned?
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You have to avoid such things, like
1. Over optimization
2. Black Hat SEO (Unethical SEO)
3. Low quality & Irrelevant backlinks
4. Buying backlinks
5. Disavow all low quality and bad links
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For saving the client sites from penalization, we have to keep these things in mind like :

- Avoid to perform the Black hat SEO technique.
- Avoid such resources which are not providing the quality backlinks.
- Not buying backlinks.
- Perform the organic method for taking backlinks.
- Use quality content always.
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Stay out of black hat techniques and you will be fine. If you always prioritize quality over quantity in terms of backlinks and content and if you choose to market for your audience first before search engines, then you're sure that Google won't be penalizing you for anything.
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It's funny how many people immediately attack blackhat as if it were a monster and something dangerous..

Truth is, there is NO whitehat link building. It doesn't exist... Google simply doesn't want you to build any links on your own, so regardless of what you do for your SEO, it immediately gains a grayish color.

And one more thing, blackhat =/ BADhat
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Hello carolinemurphy,

1.Don’t panic
2.Disavow troublesome links
3.Get some links removed
4.Request reconsideration
5.Wait it out

Sometimes it takes Google a while to act on changes and disavow requests, and then it could take a while for it to re-crawl the site.

Anurag Gupta
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Just need to read all rules which Google provides.
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Don,t make the following types of link-building.

Buying and selling links
Link exchanges
Massive guest posting campaigns (targeting certain anchor texts)
Article submissions
(Excessive/spammy) Forum/comment posting
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