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How Do I Start Using Affilotools?

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How Do I Start Using Affilotools?

Hello everyone, and thanks for reading this post. I apologise in advance if the answer to my question is available somewhere.

I finally researched my niches, it's a cross section of various clickbank subcategories - but I'm not able to use the affilotools to do research yet. Do I have to have my own domain first, and wouldn't it be better first to research key words before you create your own domain?
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You do not need to register a domain name. You can use a "dummy" domain name, or a tentative domain name for your site. It can be any unregistered domain name, or the domain name of a popular site like Affilorama.com or Yahoo.com

You can alway go in and delete this site, or edit it.

Adding a domain name will allow you to use some of the features of Affilotools like keyword research and domain name look-up. Features like social media and ranking are only available once you add a registered domain name.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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I've been trying to do keyword research with Affilotools. I have no idea how to use the "competition" numbers, or what they mean. They don't seem to relate that much to the number of sites indexed. Is there a range that we should stick with for a better chance of ranking?

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