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How Do I Rank In Yahoo And Bing?

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How Do I Rank In Yahoo And Bing?

Hello all i have with my concern that consists of Yahoo and Bing optimization factors. Actually i have being working so long for Google but now i also want to have quite impressive rankings on both Yahoo and Bing search engines. Please suggest me the useful and effective ranking factors that would help me to get top positions on Yahoo and Bing.
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Hi Daniel,

The ranking factors in Bing and Yahoo are the same as Google's: keyword in title, LSI and keyword in content, social media interaction, quality content, low bounce rate, etc. It's just that Google somehow sets that standards in terms of search traffic.

In most cases, if you rank well on Google, rank well and much easier on Yahoo and Bing.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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In my personal experience, I have found it easier to rank in Yahoo and Bing than in Google. When I build a new site and have it indexed by the search engines, I get the initial traffic from Yahoo and Bing as it is ranked higher much faster in those search engines.
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But what do you think about the Meta tags and Descriptions? Google does not give them importance but are important near Bing and Yahoo.
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I have found that it's harder for me to rank in Bing than google lol my theory is that google has made so many updates that now focus more on User Experience and other factors other than Back-Links, and in Bing they still rely heavily on Back-Links, so new or good sites can rank easy in google where as in Bing you ALSO need a lot of links.

As for On-Page SEO, just do the best practices, the basics, in 2014 that geeky stuff is not going to help you much anymore focus on Content, User Experience, Helping visitors get what they are looking for, Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Social Marketing. Basically Inbound Marketing, and THAT is the new "SEO".

SEO has changed you can no longer just tweak code and rank better.

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For increasing rank you need working SEO, SEM, SMM in your website. No bogus or bugging content use. Use real content and discuss another related forum. Obviously you can choose more priority in Social media site for increasing rank..
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Meta tags is read by yahoo . So you can use meta tags and meta description for yahoo page ranking.
unique and relevant content is very useful for website to get ranking.
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mark schaaf
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I hate to say this but I wouldn't even bother worrying about yahoo or Bing. I actually use Yahoo all the time to do my searches because I have found there first page sites have better information then google but when I look over any of the info from any of my analytic programs about 99 percent of my traffic comes from google. I have page one ranking in both yahoo and google and I might get 1 visitor from yahoo out of 100 total visits and the other 99 are from google. My advice is just to write the articles the best you can with the best information for your subject with some good backlinks and your site should find it's place on both browsers. If it is page one on google and page 4 on yahoo then that is where they are. Just don't worry too much about where it is on Yahoo because you aren't going to get much traffic from them anyway. As I said I have had the same keyword on both yahoo and google page one and actually in position one for over 6 months and got almost no visits from yahoo.
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As per my experience it is more easy to rank in yahoo and bing as compared to Google, as Google always update its algorithm.Create the backlinks that are having higher rankings on bing and yahoo, social signals closely linked to higher ranking, use the quality content and on page seo to rank in the Yahoo and Bing.
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Its almost the same steps as of Google.
Good Keyword.
Original Content.
Good Traffic.
Its easier to get good rank in yahoo or bing than google.
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