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How do I check my competitors?

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How do I check my competitors?

how do i find out how many sites are functional presently of my niche?
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Do you mean the number of websites promoting the same niche as your niche? If this is what you meant, the practical way to know this information is to simply do keyword research. You choose the right keywords for your website, and run these keywords using SEO tools like Traffic Travis or Affilotools to know the competition and how competitive the keywords are.

OR you may also simply do a quick search on Google for your target keywords to know the number of websites using and promoting those keywords.
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There lots of SEO platforms where you can do it, but look for those where you can do it for free
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'Alexa – monitor traffic'
Alexa allows tracking global web traffic of your own and competitor websites. It lets you spy on your competitors’ backlinks, traffic, keywords, etc.
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Simply search your keyword in google and you get websites that are ranking for the same keyword and take top 3 websites and check their backlinks using backlink watch tool and also check how the website is like content, images etc i.e check on page once.

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There are many ways to check your competitors. It's depend on what would you like to check.
- Ahrefs can provide full detailed checking for you as you can see competitors backlinks, keywords, sites,...
- SEO Quake provide keyword and Alexa Rank
- Alexa check the traffic.

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There are plenty of SEO tools where you can do Keyword Research and find out how competitive they are and which are your competitors.
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There are numerous online tools (free and paid) where you can check your competitor's keywords and backlinks. I usually use AHREFS tool for competitor analysis.
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I recommend you install Mozbar for google chrome. You can determine competition easier with this free tool.
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Use semrush. at semrush you can you can check your rival's ranking, keywords, adword data and back-links.
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There are so many SEO tools available on the internet. But there are very few which I like most and I love to use them like SE Ranking and Find Broken Links. Also I recommend use Google Alerts to leverage brand, authority, traffic and sales.
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Ahrefs is very good tool for competitor analysis. It shows the detailed information of the website. you can use this tool for checking the traffic.
It https://seoexpert.name/case-skills/competitor-analysis/ may also help you.
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There are different SEO tools those help you to analyze your competitors perfectly.
You can analyze your competitor's keywords, their backlinks & backlinks sources, and more issues.
I think you can use SEMrush the most powerful competitor's analysis tool. You can also use Buzzsumo to analyze your influencers.
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Through Google Search Engine you can find more competitors for your website.
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Use seoprofiler tool to check your competitor back links with the Link Influence Score.
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