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How Do I Build Links Through Forums?

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How Do I Build Links Through Forums?

I would like to do some link building with forums but I'm confused on a few things.

I know that some forums allow to put a link the signature. But, what should the anchor text be? Should it be a web address or a relevant keyword. Any good examples?

Also very important, what should the link be pointing to, my home page? Because I would like to be able to do link building to each of my articles. How is this possible?
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Hi Paul,

Most forums allow links only on the signatures. Sometimes you can only post a link so I suggest you make interesting and to the point. For example if you're a freelance writer offering writing services on your site, then you can say on your signature:
Need high-quality articles? Click here: http://www.iamawriter.com/

If you are allowed to use HTML codes, then you can create and use appropriate anchor texts. Using the same example above, the new signature with anchor text may appear as:
IamWriter.com: Your source for high-quality articles.

If you're allowed only 1 link on each signature, then refer back to your website, or to your squeeze page if you're looking to build a subscriber list.

You may refer to your pages using the correct anchor text on your forums posts, but make sure that that is would be helpful and relevant to the topic in discussion.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Writing relevant content is one of the effective ways to build links from forums. Start responsive threads and discussions. You can build strong links to your site.
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The right way to use forums for link building is to think of it as a long term venture. You can’t drop into a forum a few times a month just to write a low quality comment and post a link. In order to be a welcomed member of the community (and earn the trust to post a link every once in awhile) you need to build up your credibility over time.
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