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How Can I Outsource Backlink Research?

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How Can I Outsource Backlink Research?

How can I outsource these 2 tasks:

1. Pick 5 keywords you are trying to rank for and use TrafficTravis.com to analyse the backlinks of the top 10 competitors for each keyword (Video #12).
2. Go out and get as many backlinks from the same sources as your competitors (Video #12).

Where can I get this done well and how much should I pay?
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Hi Alain,

Are you sure you still want to outsource these tasks because both are easy to do and we highly recommend that you try to do these tasks yourself so you can learn how to do backlinking and familiarize yourself with tools like Traffic Travis.

For task #1 pick your top 5 keywords and enter these in Traffic Travis backlink tool. This is pretty easy since TT will get you all the information needed and you just have to get the top ten results and analyze the backlinks of each of these (ten) competitors.

Task #2 is related to Task #1. Once you have the backlink data of each competitor. You need to check their backlinks and see which sites you can use as your backlink to your website.

This blog post here will help you learn more how to build backlinks using Traffic Travis: http://www.traffictravis.com/newsletters/0493
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As Mary said we strongly recommend our members try to do these tasks on their own. You can outsource it if you prefer, but try and do it on your own first so you can have an idea of how it is done.

If you know how a task is done, then you will have no problem letting the person you're outsourcing to know what you need done and how to do it.

If you run into any issues, or get stuck, then let us know. You can post your inquiry here in the forums, or send us an email.

Have a good day!
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Hi in my point of view pick 5 keyword for trying to rank on google.
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These are not complicated issues. You can also do it but i want to suggest one thing that keyword is one of the most important thing is seo and every kind of marketing strategy. So i think you should go with a SEO expert's advise.
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Yes cecille is right you can do these two task,if you can have any idea of how it done.So firstly learnt about methods how can you do it.
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