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How can i make my website SEO friendly?

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How can i make my website SEO friendly?

Hi, can anyone explain what is the feature of ON page SEO, How can I make my website SEO friendly?
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To make your site SEO friendly, the first and main thing is the use of keywords. Search engines use your keywords to direct visitors to your site. So ensure you go for high ranking keywords. You can also go for longtail keywords, but they are much slower in my opinion. Avoid broken links and stick to white hat SEO
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SEO friendly website has those configurations and features so it's easy for search engines to crawl (read) and understand what the particular website.
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You need to know the onsite page factors to make your website SEO-friendly. Once you have sorted those out, you may then start optimizing your website with off page techniques. We have provided you several free SEO lessons on this page here: https://www.affilorama.com/search-engine-optimization
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You can make Website SEO friendly by using this method. When designing a search engine friendly site, carry out the research for keywords. Place keywords strategically. Include Meta and title tags. Keep your content updated. Provide enough content. Use images sparingly. Avoid using frames if possible.
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You need to know about SEO on page and Off page Both properly then you have tio start creatining backlink in another website. i am sharing some tips of seo to make your website seo friendly. please follow this link
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sonamgg wrote:Hi, can anyone explain what is the feature of ON page SEO, How can I make my website SEO friendly?

Besides on page SEO you have to do OFF page SEO also. Keep your site content updated.
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A stunning and professional website will not ensure a substantial amount of organic traffic flow to the site. In order to receive huge amount of relevant traffic, your site will be needing visibility in the search engine. In order to achieve that visibility, you have to conduct search engine optimization for the site. But before you conduct SEO or Search Engine Optimization you need to include certain element to the site to match the SEO parameters, which are as follows -

1) Add Social Media Icons to the site

2) Optimize the images

3) Use user-friendly URL

4) Spread your keywords in the rightful places

5) Make your website design compatible to all browsers

Hope these tips will be effective enough to get you the website perfect for executing SEO.
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Perform On page SEO :
On- Page Factors
1.Add Meta Tags (Meta Title and Meta Description - add keywords in meta tags)
2.Add Heading Tags (h1 is very important)
3. Url Structure (go with Short url and Add keyword in url if possible)
4.Give Internal Linking
5.Keyword Density
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In my suggestion, you need to follow Search engine rules to make your website SEO friendly as it say “CONTENT IS THE KING” so, you have to add more quality and unique content with the proper use of long tail keyword or phrase. So that your website rank will boost up easily and get position in search result.
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SEO web design is a way of designing and developing websites to create Search engines friendly. creating a web site SEO friendly suggests that the search engines will crawl every page on the web site with efficiency, interpret the content effectively, and index it in their info.
The most vital characteristics of an SEO friendly web site are:
#1 – it's distinctive titles and Descriptions for all pages.
#2 – Well formatted URLs – URLs.
#3- quick loading sites.
#4 – it's distinctive content.
#5 – Includes pictures that are optimized for search engines.
#6 – Pages have a meta-structure.
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Important way for making A Site SEO-Friendly-
-Make your website’s structure clear, intuitive and up-to-date.

Page URL
-Include one primary keyword in a page URL.
-Use hyphens (-) instead of underscores (_) in URLs.
-Choose a static URL address instead of a dynamic one.

Title-tag, meta-description and ALT-attribute
-Create a sweet title-tag for every single page of your website.
-Use meta-description to present your brand better.
-Don’t forget to use ALT attributes for all of the images.

optimizing images for seo

Keywords and keyword phrases
-Find keywords that will work for you.
-Mix different types of keywords simultaneously.
-Don’t forget to include a location in your keywords.
-Place your keywords in headlines, subheadings and anchor texts.
-Put keywords naturally throughout your on-page content.
-Try to focus on one keyword while optimizing a web page.
-Optimize all images with proper keywords.
-As soon as you start doing SEO, track the performance of all your keywords.

Content still wears the SEO crown.
-Publish only high quality, fresh and keyword rich content.
-Pay special attention to spelling and grammar of your content.
-Make sure your content is unique and valuable.
-Prepare content that appeals to your targeted audience.
-Carefully plan your content strategy.
-Make your content easy to read.
-Take care of all duplicate content on your website

Link building matters a lot
-Build a healthy backlink profile for your site.
-When actively gaining links aim only for the quality ones.
-Don’t invest in sponsored links.
-Link to other quality websites.
-Earn links by helping people
-Create content that people would love to link to.
-Build good relationships with websites from your niche.
-Create your social media presence.
-Seek for guest blog exchange opportunities.
-Don’t overdo guest blogging.
-Monitor the quality of your backlink profile.
-Find out what your competition is doing for SEO.
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Use the keywords in on page as well as off page optimization.
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A search engine-friendly website will have all of the following:

* All search engine relevant code is in place. Title tags, meta tags, H1, H2, tags, Alt tags, Bold tags Etc.
* Effective, logical navigation elements
* Use of heading and subheading tags
* Copy that is creatively written for the end user but is also optimized for the keywords selected
* Use styles instead of images where possible
* Correct file naming conventions
* Sitemap and/or Footer Nav. with regular hyperlinked text
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Responsive Website Design
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HI Friends
1. Integrate Social Media into your Website's Design. Search engines value social media, as do your prospective customers.
2. Use SEO for Images Too.
3. Use JavaScript Sparingly.
4. Make sure your URL is User-Friendly.
5. Place Your Keywords in many Different Places.
6. Make sure your Design is Accessible.
7.Be Careful with Flash Elements.
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Few tips to make your website SEO friendly:
Optimize your Website’s Design
Use the best keywords for SEO
Use SEO for Images Too
Use JavaScript as necessary
Make sure your URL is User-Friendly
Use keyword placing carefully
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Make it very lightweight, site size do matters in today world. Make it also secure, there is rumor https websites do rank much higher anyway. And everything like that. Make it more appropiate title and meta and alt tags everywhere where possible.
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On-Page SEO is a process of optimizing your website to get higher ranking in search engine results page. On-page SEO is one part of SEO which we practice to give perfect title, content, HTML source code, Description and more. Some of the on-page SEO factors which will make your website friendly

1. Optimize Content of the web page
2. Optimize Website Speed
3. Optimize Mobile friendly
4. Optimize Page Title
5. Optimize Meta Description
6. Relevant Subheadings
7. Optimize Landing pages
8. Add LSI keywords to your content
9. Don't forget to keep H1, H2 tags.
10. Do perfectly Internal Linking
11. Optimize Image Alt+Text
12. Extend your title with number
13. Design Infographics
14. Increase your Dwell Time
15. Include search engine friendly URL
16. Maintain Keyword Density by covering all your keywords.
17. Update your existing content
18. Know your competitors and do research on their links.

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Integrate Social Media into your Website's Design. ...
Use SEO for Images Too. ...
Use JavaScript Sparingly. ...
Make sure your URL is User-Friendly. ...
Place Your Keywords in many Different Places. ...
Make sure your Design is Accessible.
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