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How Can i increase Alexa Ranking?

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How Can i increase Alexa Ranking?

Hi Everybody,

Can anyone suggest me how can i increase the alexa ranking of my websites. I have been trying to increase it from the last 5 month but again its reaching at the same position. Tell that process in which only i will be involved.

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First why bother with alexa it doesnt help sales
It only accounts for about 5% of searches and the majority of them are IM related

OK here is happened while I was checking and building my sites
I had alexa toolbar and alexa add ons installed
Because I was checking those sites several times each day the ranking went from 20mil to 1mill in a matter of months, one even went to 200k
But as I have done nothing with those sites for a while they have gone back up but the visitors are the same
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AlexaRank is calculated using the Alexa Toolbar. Bloggers love to know about different ways of increasing their Alexa rank. Shared your knowledge about Alexa ranking. You may write and post articles related to SEO, webmaster tools. Webmasters always look for new tools and may revisit your website to gain access to the tools.
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There are several ways to increase alexa ranking that are: download alexa toolbar through which you have to visit to your own site, write something about alexa and buy links and banners.
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