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How Backlinks works?

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How Backlinks works?

Can anyone knows how backlinks works and how it bring the site to the top?

what method is the search engine following ?

it will be helpful to know the process
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Imagine you have a lemonade stand and you make really great lemonade.

Now imagine a friend of yours has a lemonade stand but makes terrible-tasting lemonade.

If your friend knows more people than you, can "advertise" his product better than you, and can get more people to come to his lemonade stand...he's going to sell more and ultimately make more money than you.

It doesn't matter if your stand is the best in the world, if he gets friends (or backlinks) to come to his stand, he's going to make money because those friends will tell their friends, etc.

Backlinks are a way for search engines to verify that your site is important enough to show to all of your "friends' friends." I've read that backlinks are one of the only ways your site will get indexed faster and ranked higher. Backlinks are great.

Now there are a lot of programs that you can pay for that do help a little when it comes to getting backlinks BUT I've found that manually submitting articles and comments to forums and blogs will help get your site ranked higher.

Good luck.
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mark schaaf
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Great answer but I would like to ad that each search uses its own set of ideas for placing your site in the results. For example my main site has only about 80 backlinks but they are all fairly high pr backlinks and because of this my site shows up in the middle of yahoo page 2 for the keyword I wanted to rank for. However in google for the same keyword puts my site on about page 12. Also in yahoo my site doesn't seem to move up or down very much at all where in google my site was on page 12 then went up to page 35 then it wasn't showing up at all for a few days then all of a sudden it was on page 9 for a few days and now it is back on page 12 again so I don't know what there computers do for this to keep happening. It never makes sense to me why yahoo is so stable and google is always so wishy washy. So just keep this in mind when you are looking for your site in the search results.
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Yes, I agree with Mark. I also find that, often, a page that is on the first page of Google in the morning (GMT) slips to the 5th or 6th page in the afternoon, then goes back up the next morning! As a result, I now track my page movements on a weekly basis.
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