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Hosting advice - for SEO and best wordpress hosting

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Hosting advice - for SEO and best wordpress hosting

Hi gang,

I'm looking to set up a new website targeting a global audience.

First off, I know Google uses hosting location as a factor in where it decides to show your site in organic results. In that case, any opninons on where's best to host the domain.

Second, any thoughts on great hosting - looking for the usual stuff like low cost, scalability, speed, that sort of thing.

Thanks :)
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If you want to target a worldwide market, then you do not have to worry where to host your domain. You can just buy it from your hosting provider or from cheaper sites like NameCheap.

For the hosting company, there is really not much of a difference as most of the known hosting companies offer the same packages. Just stick to a hosting company that provides you with the features that you need to start and of course, it is also better to consider the prices for such package and how the customer service provides support.
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If you can target audience globally then you don't need host your domain on location. You can pick any hosting company to host your domain.
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