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Hey guys do I need to use proxies in my daily SEO work?

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Hey guys do I need to use proxies in my daily SEO work?

I hear a lot of talk about proxies, Should I use them or not when I post to sites like Blogger, Squidoo Tumblr?

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Hello There Stephen and welcome to Affilorama. Well it all depends on how much you are promoting and what type of SEO tactics you are using. If you are only promoting one site you should be able to get away with not using proxies. However If you are promoting several sites as most of us do with web 2.0 tools like SEnukeX Magic submitter and various other tools you will almost certainly need proxies. As soon as you are doing heavy SEO lifting with any type of mass submitting tools whatever it really is you will need proxies and they need to be fresh also(not used by spammers).

Now the question is what type of proxies should you use? The best route to take here is using private proxies. Since those proxies are only used by you and won’t be spammed like almost all other free proxies you will find on World Wide Web. Personally I do use private proxies from Squidproxies and I Have found them very good and fast. There are many positive reviews of them all over the web. I hope this will help you. In case you are interested you will find them here(no aff link) www.squidproxies.com
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honestly, if your doing that much link building at a time, and need proxies, its cvause your spamming, if you do clean seo tactics, you dont have anything to worry about. all thos mass linking softwares that use black hat linking tactics (all auto linking software is blackhat..) then you should look to the quality of your site.
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If you want international proxies look at perfect dash privacy dot com.
They have quite a few international proxies available.
I heard they were good from someone I am in contact with, but have
no experience using them.

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