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Hat word

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Hat word

why we use HAT word in black hat or white hat seo?
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Hi contactus1,

That's a very good question! I'm not sure why it's referred to the way it is, and I tried to look up information as to the history of the word, but I can't find any information. Both terms are just the widely-known slang for the "good" and "bad" SEO techniques.

Have a good day!
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"White hat" is actually an Internet slang, which may have originated from IBM's coined term "Ethical hacking". This (ethical hacking or white hat hackers) refers to computer hackers or experts who uses hacking to penetrate testing and testing of methodologies for security purposes of companies with regards to their IT systems.

This Internet slang may have been the same term used in SEO these days, which we ow know as white hat SEO and its counterpart black hat SEO.

I hope that helps :)

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Hello all

The way I understand it is that Black Hat seo refered to someone who used miss-direction and underhanded tricks (like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a traditional Black Hat) to make the S.E.'s see a website as being more important and relevant to a keyword phrase.

As Mary said, the term White Hat is slang refering to "the good guy" who always wears white and follows good and honest seo practices instead of trying to cheat the system.

Thats the way I heard it anyway.

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