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Has anyone tried solo ads?

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Has anyone tried solo ads?

Have you used solo ads before? If so can you give me a recommendation to a good solo ads provider?

How was your experience with it btw?

Thanks for your help.
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Solo ads can be very effective so it's a good investment. Before buying solo ads, make sure your opt-in form and email sequence are optimized though.

Mark recommends selfgrowth.com

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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We have been using solo ads and Facebook ads to grow our list and get traffic to our squeeze pages.

Solo's are good when you can find someone that has a similar list.. (and if they have a decent list!) so it can be tricky depending on the niche you are in. In this case you can turn to something like FB ads due to the fact you can target people really specifically.

Also try udimi.com for solo ads but make sure you checkout the reviews of the sellers!
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No doubt solo ad works great but before you choose solo ad .. consider few points...

It is wrong when people say that the "money is in the list" ..

Basically, the money is in the relationship and trust you have with your list.

Secondly, you should be good at email marketing. If you are building your list just to send mails. than there is no use of building a list.. The purpose of you list building is that you want them to open and read each of your mail and take action and that is where you need to work "How to increase open rates" .. I would recommend to take some course if you are not much familiar with it...

Now ask solo ad provider few questions before you start with them..

1. Will they include buyers list
2. How did they build their list. I mean what traffic source they used...
3. What kind of offers works best with their list. (don't tell them your offer but ask what is working with their list)
4. If possible, can they show you their lead capture page just to get the idea what their list opted for.

Hope that helps...
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Shaishav Sood
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There is one place where you are almost 100% sure to get your moneys worth working with solos try safe swaps great program for list building.
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