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Guest Blogging For SEO No Longer Effective

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Guest Blogging For SEO No Longer Effective

Google has been warning webmasters about guest blogging abuse for years now. This week, head of webspam Matt Cutts basically declared guest blogging dead. "Stick a fork in it: guest blogging is done," says Google's Matt Cutts.
Read Article Here http://www.webpronews.com/matt-cutts-just-declared-guest-blogging-done-2014-01

What do you think?
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Paul J. Burkhardt
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Hi Paul,

This news was all over SEO sites late last year and it continues on to this year. Guest blogging solely for SEO purposes is "done" as Matt Cutts said.

If you're doing guest blogging, you would have to give up getting do follow links for your articles. Otherwise, you and the site you did guest blogging for may be manually penalized. Those links within your guest post need to be no follow.

I suppose this is one good day to show Google how deep a relationship you have with the website owner because allowing you to guest post on their site means they are personally vouching for you and your work. While guest blogging is a good way to get backlinks, it should not be the only link building method you use.

Thanks for sharing! Have a good day!
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Personally, I never did guest blogging for link building. I have done a lot of guest posting on various blogs, but the focus was always on engaging the readers of that particular blog and driving direct traffic. For a while, guest posting was one of my top traffic sources.

However, I only posted on blogs I had relationships with outside of guest posting, and it was a mutually beneficial experience.

When building your online business, you can't just look for win-win situations. You need to go for win-win-win. When you win, the site you post on wins and the readers of that site win, you have a good set up for successful marketing.
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Thanks for explaining this well jmpruitt and cecil.l. Now I am more cautious on whether to open up my site for guest bloggers!. Maybe one rule of thumb is when someone emails you a proposal for guest blogging and there's money involved, you should be suspicious about this. Most spammers will try to entice you with a small amount.
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Mutual agreement between website owners is made on lower grounds I suppose. That is why Matt felt the bad effect of the whole process of guest blogging.
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