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google webmaster tools and links

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google webmaster tools and links


I am trying to figure out something about the links to my web site in the google webmaster tools.

I mean... In google webmaster tools there are some keywords that google found that people usen and my site shoed up in result pages and there is a secion with links pointing to my website, for example from blogger, facebook, squidoo etc.

I want to ask...
We all knwo that most major websites like facebook have all their links set to "nofollow".
How do you explain that?
If I see "facebook" then.. do I have a backling or it is just showing?

Thank you.
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I clearly pointed out only one thing from your message.

Google will consider both do-follow and no-follow back links for the website promotion.
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no follow links get less weight with Google but they do still count as long as they are on indexed pages. The biggest thing with No follow is that no follow links wont pass any page rank to your site, so you wont get a PR boost from the site you are linking from.

Also, the no follow attribute is a Google only atribute. other search engines don't pay any attention to it, so you still get the benefit with Yahoo and Bing.
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I know about the issue with Google webmaster link tool. This is really serious matter and I am also suffer that kind of problem with this tool. I want it's update link.
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