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Google rankings are all over the place for me

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Google rankings are all over the place for me

I'm not quite sure what's going on. I have a website that ranks number 1 for a bunch of keywords. It stays in the search engines for maybe about a week or so and then it disappears for a few weeks. It comes back again to number 1 for another few weeks and then disappears again.

It's done this 3 times already within the last 2 months. Anyone else experience the same thing?
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Welcome to the 'Google dance' :)

There are many theories why this happens, from algorithm changes to theories on site rotation policies and anchor text diversity.

The reality is that no-one knows. It's just all a part of the challenge of SEO marketing.
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Quite the opposite for me. I've only got a couple of keywords ranking and they are not moving at all!
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mark schaaf
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I have this happen all the time for my main site, it took what seemed forever to e get into the top 50 pages and it slowly worked into the top 25 and stayed there for a while the into the top 15 then all of a sudden it is all over the place, one day it was on page 3 then a few days later on page 35 then was no where to be seen for about 4 days and I looked on every page then all of a sudden it is on page 9 now it is on page 12 and has been there for about a week or so but it never makes sense to me either because it never happens on yahoo, I slowly move up in search results on yahoo and i stay there for months before I move either up or down bet never up and down a lot like google. Sometimes i wonder if google's computers work like they think they do.
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