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google doesn't recognize internal links to one specific page

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google doesn't recognize internal links to one specific page

Hello everyone,

I've created a site with xsitepro and everything is going swell but google webmaster tools doesn't display internal links to one specific subpage which doesn't rank at all because of this.

The page is indexed and should get the same links from my navigational bar as every other page.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?
There also seems to exist another (earlier) version of the page if I type in .../Example-Page.html instead of .../example-page.html

I'm slightly confused and frustrated so excuse me if this isn't very clear :-)

Thanks in advance
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Wait for Google to crawl your site once or twice more, it might not have updates its database yet.
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No google do recognize internal links to any specific page.
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give it time. google does not travel at lightning speed indexing the entire web on a dailiy basis. it can take weeks for them to index everything. also, a little internal linking wont be why it isnt ranking. internal linking is like one of the weakest factors that gives one slight hint of help to your seo.

focus on link building. if you are not ranking that is why. build more and higher quality links.
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