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Google Block On Forum Research

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Google Block On Forum Research

Hi everyone,

I'm using SEO Quake to do forum research to find the highest PR discussion threads. Therefore, I'm using the advanced search tool in Google with it set at 100 searches. I'm getting this message from Google:

"We're Sorry....

... but it appears your computer is sending automated requests.
[-] More Information

This page appears when our systems detect procedural requests coming from your IP address in violation of our Terms of Service. This block will expire after the procedural requests have stopped.

Automated requests may be sent by malware or a bad browser plugin on your machine. If you are using a shared network connection, the traffic may be coming from a different computer behind the same IP address. It is also possible someone is intentionally sending automated requests using a script. Your proxy administrator may be able to identify the responsible machine.

If you are a network administrator and you need help identifying the procedural requests in your logs, more information is available in our Help Center."

Any Ideas about how to fix this problem?
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Try clearing your browser's history and cookies and if you're using a static IP, reset the connection to generate a new IP address.
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That happens when you, and/or someone using your internet connection, have been doing a LOT of searches. You have reached your limit on google (they don't say the actual number of searches, by the way, so I cannot tell you what the actual limit is). This can happen whichever SEO research tool you use.

Another fix is to stop using SEO Quake and any other SEO research tool for the next 24 hours. The block is temporary and your access will be restored within the next 24 hours.

I hope that helps :)
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I think I've heard problems with SEO Quake and the new Instant. I think you have to set it to "by request". And if you have Instant turned off, I think I saw (either on something from Matt Carter or from Jeff Johnson, I forget which) that you might want to set the searches to 50, rather than 100, to get quake to work.

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You might also want to check the information on Trouble connecting: 'We're Sorry' page from Google support.
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same things happen with me and google block any search query. i don't know why it happened.
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