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Google algorithm - recent subtle change?

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Google algorithm - recent subtle change?

UK based websites, I have noticed a subtle drop off in rankings and traffic. I know that google does about 500 algorithm changes per year (and maybe tests 20 times that amount), but has anyone else noticed a drop off? The sites vary from affiliate based to blog and informational only.
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Hi, I haven't just noticed a drop off, my http://ibuildmusclesfast.com site has gone from PR4, to PR2 and has now dropped out of Google's top 100 altogether after being consistently on Page 1 or 2 for the last several months. It is still showing quite well on Bing and Yahoo so I am completely bamboozled.
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Hi Essexboyracer,

One other big factor can be the season. Searches and traffic for holiday shopping sites and products go up, searches for summer related things go down of course, etc. The best way to know is to track your sites over years to develop a pattern.

Google also has a search trend tool that has very useful information as well:

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Recently there has been some changes in google algorithm this is because of Panda and Penguin update.
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When the web masters trying to over rule the Google's algorithms its taking some duration to find out that for Google. So when they trying to over rule obviously Google also updating that's algorithm to overcome this problem. That seems the recent penguin algorithm telling that paid backlink services are may penalized or may get banned.
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