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Google Adwords VS Traffic Travis?

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Google Adwords VS Traffic Travis?


In Google keywords tool i typed up a certain keyword and it says that the competition is low.

When i input the same keyword into traffic travis SEO/Competition it says that its Difficult.

Which one should i believe?
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I think they are two different things. In Google Adwords "competition" means how many people are bidding on the keywords for their ads. that means there is money to be made in those keywords, otherwise there wouldn't be all those people buying them.

In Traffic Travis the competition ranking is about how well the top ranking pages have done their SEO (backlinks, title tags, etc). If it says its difficult then you will have a pretty hard time getting onto the first page.

I'd say drop that keyword - there is nobody bidding on it so there's not much money in it, and its a hard keyword to rank for.
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Google adwords is depending on Google's users searches and result it shows. It shows the results of Google only.. Traffic Travis shows the result for whole search engines including Google. So results may be vary on keywords.
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We should select those keywords for our campaign that can bring more traffic for our website. Google Adwords gives us idea about best keywords for your site, using AdWords may save you a lot of time and money.
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In google do you have the [broad] or [exact] filter ticked ?

If you have broad then it will be a variety of the keyword instead of the actual people who searched for "how to buy eBooks", i believe traffic Travis will do an exact match.
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