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Getting hops but no sales

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Getting hops but no sales

Hi, I am promoting the lower body makeover product from click bank on one of my pages on my site.
I have sent about 5 to 15 hops per day over the last week but no sales. There is a opt in for a free E-Book on the vendors site. I presume anyone who is interested in the offer would opt in for the free ebook before buying the product. and the vendor would send follow up emails to get the sale. If the person buys the product after about 4 or 5 weeks from the email link, do I still receive the commission. I subscribed to the free ebook to check if my affiliate link is in the email which tells something on the lines of "go here to order ", but it is a direct link , not my affiliate link. So do I get my commission if a customer I send to the vendors site, subsequently buys thru the email link after about 4,5 or 6 week?. Otherwise should I promote a different product?
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really that still isnt enough hops to know for sure. it depends on how long the vendor sets the cookies for, and if the people clear their cookies. most vendors leave the cookies for at least 30 days. However if people clear the cookies from their computer then you wouldnt get the credit.

although we often say you should get about a 1% conversion rate, that is an average over time. I have had products that had over 1000 hops before the first sale, but then made 5-10 sales over the next 100 hops.
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You definitely need to get more traffic and more clicks so you can work with a more accurate number. Like James said, conversion rates can vary considerably outside the industry average of 1 in every 100 clicks result in a sale.

Conversions depend on way too many factors from the salespage, product price, the source of traffic being used, etc.

All you can do is keep building traffic, test, track, and monitor.
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You mention that you checked the email after subscribing "but it is a direct link , not my affiliate link".
Did you go through to the order form to check it out?
Scroll down to the bottom when you get to the Clickbank form and you will see Aff="yourIDhopefully" or otherwise.
Not many vendors will strip your ID but we have known it and just change products if it's happening.

But as the guys say it does need more time and visitors to make an assessment on your conversion rate.
We have always found that it's only when you get to around the 100 hops a day mark that a product starts converting regularly.
Dunno why, 'cos you'd think that averages should be averages over any period of time!
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