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Getting emails about domain registration...is this spam?

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Getting emails about domain registration...is this spam?

I've finally established a website using Affilojetpack (livebeloved.com) and now I'm getting multiple emails about registering before some kind of deadline. I'm assuming these are spam emails...and I can ignore them. I'm pasting them below. Thanks! -Arifa

From Domain Registration:
Hi there arifa chaudhry,

Domain Name: livebeloved.com (Account #65327)
This email is being sent out to you because search registration for livebeloved.com is pending.
Please register these domains to search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo ASAP to avoid late fees.

Registering for search engines would help you show up in search results and increase your online presence.

You can register your domain at: here

We sincerely appreciate your business! If you require anything, we are at your service.

Remember… If you do not register your domain with the search engines, it may not appear in the search engine listing when people are looking for you. Failure to complete your domain name search engine registration by the expiration date may make it difficult for your customers to locate you on the web. Complete your search engine registration today at: www.searchregistry.org


Search Engine Registry
1787 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Suite 1025
Washington DC, 20006

The next is from Domain Support:
We are sending you this information regarding your new domain name, livebeloved.com.
Your domain name has successfully been ordered, the next step is to submit your new website to the search engines.

Getting your website included in the search engines is the first step you should take as a new website owner. .
To have your website included in Google, Bing, and Yahoo follow the link below:
We suggest that you list your website as soon as possible so it is properly indexed.
Register livebeloved.com

To manage your communication preferences, click here.
Marketing Management | PO Box 5212 Washington DC 20057
To manage your subscription preferences for [email protected], click here

And lastly from Patsy Annbowen:

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Yes, I got those emails too about domain registration. I chose not to do anything about it. But just in case, I would also like to verify about these emails too.
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I also got one of those emails. I registered my domain name through GoDaddy and then a few days later, I got this email:

Attn: Russell Sabo
This important LAST NOTICE is to inform you to submit your renewal registration for the domain name (my website) with the INTERNET DOMAIN REGISTRATION CORPORATION by paying the outstanding renewal registration amount.
Failure to complete your domain name renewal registration by 09/10/2014 may cause in the cancellation of this domain.
Your payment includes the domain renewal registration for (my website) for 1 year. It is your obligation to pay the amount stated above by 09/10/2014 for renewal of your registration for the domain name (my website).
This notice serves as the last reminder for domain name (my website).

This Domain Registration notification for (my website) will expire on 09/10/2014.



Where it says (my website) is where my actual domain name was. I edited that part to say (my website) instead.
Since I had paid GoDaddy for my domain name registration, I viewed this as SPAM using scare tactics to try to get me to send them a little bit of money and whatever else they could get out of me.

The only thing you should have to do with domain names that you're planning on keeping is paying for them once a year and verifying that your information is correct once a year (and that doesn't cost anything).

In this case, I knew it was a SPAM email because I had just bought the domain name and they were trying to tell me it was a renewal. Definitely not.
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They look spammy to me, but if you're still unsure, just contact the place you paid through to double check. I'd also keep a copy of your receipt handy in case it's ever questioned.
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If you have already paid your domain name registration, then there is no reason to be bullied into paying again. All these people are doing is trying to sell you some type of SEO related service. You don't have to fall for these bully tactics. Chances are, your registrar sold your contact info to a third party site and that's why you are getting these emails. Just ignore or report the emails.
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These types of mails usually comes in our mails because we don't have Whois protection of our registered Domain Names. Mostly these mails are coming from local search engines to get registered, promising to give traffic. But, these are useless and worthless.

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