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Free tool for competition analysis

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Free tool for competition analysis

Can anyone suggest me a free tool for competition analysis of keyword?
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We have competition analysis in Traffic Travis and Affilotools.

You can refer on the links below for more information:

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Try installing Mozbar extension for Google chrome. This helps me!
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Better to use API, because usually, these SEO softwares provide not actual data, but API does, try google it
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You cannot get the most valuable thing (your competitor keywords) for free. You have to put some money into getting it. I always prefer to use MOZ and AHREFS for competitors analysis.
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Use ahrefs or semrush, and yes ahrefs is not free, but you can use ahrefs trail account.
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Now I give you some Free tool for competition analysis-

1. Traffictravic
2. Moz bar
3. SEOquake etc.
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There are different free competitors analysis tools. You can use these tools to analyze your competitors so that you can outrank them.
SEMRush is the best and most powerful competitor's analysis tool that can do enough for you. It has 30 days free trial. Try this one, it will be really helpful.
There are other helpful free tools. Such as:
SimilarWeb, Alexa, Majestic SEO, Open Site Explorer and more.
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Semrush is the best tool for checking backlinks and keywords of our competitors which they gain traffic.
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I have used a lot of different SEO tools. But most of these tools have similar parameters, functionality and the process of management and operation. Among the bunch of the awesome SEO tools I want to highlight SE Ranking.
I has been using SE Ranking to keep an eye on competitors keywords, website rankings and links. I find the tool useful for giving me a detailed report of the website rankings and links. It's useful especially when confirming the links I’ve paid for.
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do a slide by slide comparison it will shows the lost 90 days results and competitor position also.
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Some Free tool for competition analysis are,

1. Spyfu
2. Quicksprout
3. SEMrush
4. Alexa
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Try the following:
Google AdWords: Keyword Planner.
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Free tool for competition analysis are:

1. Alexa
2. SE Ranking
3. InfiniGraph
4. Monitor Backlinks
5. SpyFu

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