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Fist on Google, poor sales

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Fist on Google, poor sales

I managed to make an automatic system that places any link you want in the first page of Google almost instantly and takes from there to the first position in a couple of days ( depending on the search results you on ).
Nothing special just a SEO tool that really works.

These way I managed to place more then 800 affiliate link on first page of Google. Now the sale are coming ... but not at the rate I would expect.
Here we reached the subject of the topic:
How is your business doing?
Cause if you can't make it being first on Google ... I think I need to learn new things.
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The problem is a site could be on page 1 and even position one but might not really be written well or and it sounds odd but sometimes it could be written too well or with too much info, any of these things could be driving people away for any reason even the look of a site can do it because from doing this for the past 3 years I have found that people looking for things on the internet can be lazy, and impatient and often if they don't see what they want instantly they will leave, they don't want to be bothered by doing just about anything. For some people if you can't sell them something so they don't have to do much they won't buy it.
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The keywords may be very low competition/very low traffic, in addition, they might not be buyer intent keywords and therefore the traffic that they receive could be solely information seeking visitors.

Also, your page design, layout, credibility and monetization techniques also play a very important role.

Try improving the layout, possibly building a list to remarket to, etc.
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As what already said, you may want to re-evaluate your website and your keywords. You have to remember that a good website should have quality, good content as well as good design and navigation.

Your keywords should also be well targeted and have to have at least one of these factors- buyer intent, emergency keywords, and product keywords.

I hope that helps!

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