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Ezine Article Author Profile

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Ezine Article Author Profile

I am just looking at my author profile and wondering what to write in there.

As an affiliate marketer, I cover different niches, so what should I write in my bio? If my article is about dog training, isn't it really odd if my bio tells about my academic qualification or some beekeeping hobby which is totally irrelevant.

Is there an example that I can reference and word my profile so that it doesn't trap me in 1 niche?

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I use a different author name for each niche. Ezinearticles will allow you to add author names under your account. That way I have relevant author profiles and bio boxes for all niches.
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You could say that you're a dog enthusiast :)

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As of now you can have up to 3 resource boxes for each of your author names on your account and up to 12 if you are a premium member.
I don't think that there is a limit on how many author names that you can have on any one account as many authors submit articles for many clients. Also I don't think your bio box helps or hurts anything that you submit, I kept mine very simple and general so no matter what I want to write about my bio box won't really matter.
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Paul J. Burkhardt

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