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.edu and .gov sites: hard to remain there after posting?

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.edu and .gov sites: hard to remain there after posting?

When you find a .edu or a .gov site to try to put a comment on with your link it, is it likely to be removed because it is off topic?

Does the same apply for off topic sites with good PR ?

Thank you.
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Recently I am doing a lot of blog commenting and finding .edu .gov links because I am burnt out after rewriting for articles for AJP, and I have found out that sometimes it really depends on the owner of the blog.

As long as you don't use your keywords as your name, use an e-mail which they can see is really genuine, and type at least 1 paragraph with 3 lines which is relevant to the post, you can sometimes get away by posting your link as your signature, like talk soon/cheers ( link )

and yes it is probably more a lot more work, so i would recommend only wasting your time if the site is a high PR one or is an .edu or .gov site.

as for .edu and .gov sites, you would find that most of the sites that need comments to be approved have actually been abandoned for some time... and those that auto approve have been spammed to death by a lot of other people (lol!!!)

as for whether the links will stick or not, well, Im not too sure about that, but a link is still a link to me..

why dont you try it for yourself to see whether its easy to get your comments accepted a not with your links? :)

After you do it often enough, you will have a rough idea the moment you see the blog to whether it is worth wasting your time on to comment for a link or not.. at least to me... (some .edu , .gov sites require you to create a new account, and then verify your email with the unique password they sent you, then and you have to change your password for the first time..oh the pain, but yay its auto approve)
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one thing that I look at no matter what type of blog it is would be the other comments. if they dont moderate comments, and there is a lot of irrelevant spam, I pass on it. commenting is not just about linking, its more about getting relevant traffic to your site. if you can get that with .edu and .gov sites, and get links at the same time, its great, but I wouldnt do it just for a link. usually, those kind of links won't do you much good anyway, since they are usually no follow links, and the other people reading them are used to ignoring the comments when most of them are just unmoderated spam.
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What you need to do to make sure that your comments are approved and/or do not get removed is to make them relevant to the topic and do not spam their sites.

That means no comments like "great post!" or "well done!" without any other related statements. That also means no blatant "visit my site" types of comments.

Ideally, your comment should add value to the topic being discussed. Commenting is not just for backlink building; the other thing about it is to get readers interested in what you have to say so that they would be encouraged to click through to your site.
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Yeah, as everyone here has been saying, if you post to .edu or .gov sites, make sure your comments make sense and is relevant to the current topic being discussed.....if your comments are interesting and relevant, some moderators might approve it even if it has a link back to your site...also, make sure the email address you are using has an actual name on it, not just a product name or something that sounds spammy....
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.(BTW, That advice could really be applied to ALL Blog comments, .edu, .gov, or not.)

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