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Duplicate Video Content

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Duplicate Video Content

Didn't find any answers on this Forum.

I'm going to implement Video tutorials to my SEO campaign and i have a question related to this topic.

Is there such a thing as duplicate Video Content?
I don't think there is, but would be nice to get your professional opinion.
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No, you wont be penalized for duplicate content if you used videos from other sites.

You might want to read Mark's comment on this thread: Will I get a duplicate content penalty for embedded video?.
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What about duplicate video content if your company has a YouTube page, and a sister company changes the intro to your video but uses the main video guts to post on YouTube. Would there be penalties, and could penalties not occur if the text associated with the video for each posting were different?
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The Department of energy has put a video on youtube, and I want to use this video. Since its government and to the public would I need to get permission?
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