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Doorway Pages in SEO

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Doorway Pages in SEO

Doorway pages is a part of Black hat SEO. Doorway pages are simple HTML pages that are customized to a few particular keywords or phrases, and they are programmed to be visible only by specific search engines and their spiders. The purpose of these doorway pages is to trick the search engines into giving these sites higher rankings; this sounds okay until you realize that they are not static destinations.
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I am not sure what's the purpose of this post. It's kind of spammy to me.

Doorway pages are not recommended- ANYTHING categorized in the Black Hat SEO section is not advised by Affilorama since we value good content created for the audience and not for the sole purpose of SEO.
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Google discourages doorway pages or pages stuffed with keywords or duplicate content. Google is now very strict regarding this and they have powerful tools to check the same. they are improvising those tools to and If you are penalised, it will be hard for you to get back to top ranking in google.
Avoid artificial methods (link exchange etc) to rank top on search engine. instead work on blogging and conversions.
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I think this is not the correct board to discuss black hat seo here. You should post such threads on blackhatworld.com. Also, I am confused to read this thread. Please explain the purpose of such type of post.
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Webmasters are sometimes told to submit “bridge” pages or “doorway” pages to search engines to improve their traffic. Doorway pages are created to do well for particular phrases. They are also known as portal pages, jump pages, gateway pages, entry pages, and by other names as well.

The More About Doorway Pages article available to
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Doorway pages are easy to identify in that they have been designed primarily for search engines, not for human beings. This page explains how these pages are delivered technically, and some of the problems they pose.
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It will be very effective but not much for a long time
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