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Domain Name SEO

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Domain Name SEO

I bought an aged keyword domain name in .com tld but there is a delay in the name transfer, as opposed to immediate with a brand new domain name.

First question, will a .com tld outperform a .co tld in domain name SEO?

Depending on the answer in SEO terms, can I just go ahead then and build my site on the .co domain of the same name I've purchased without hurting SERP rank? They will both be the same site. Something tells me I should be patient, wait until the domain name transfer is done then build my site on the .com domain name.
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Basically, there is no difference in SEO between those 2 tlds (I also have 2 .co's and they are ranking just as fast as .com's) but the .com extension currently is much easier to remember as the .co hasnt been around for so long. What you can do is start building the website on your .co tld and then redirect the .com domain to your .co domain so that you dont lose potential visitors.

But still, if I were you, I would wait for the .com domain to be transferred :) in the meantime you can start getting articles written, find appropriate images, keyword research etc. until the .com is transferred, so you wont lose time :)
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I agree. I do not think that domain names are the primary factors. On a couple of instances I have beaten well known domains with simple niche sites with quality content and proper SEO. So, in my opinion, the aforesaid are more important.
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I agree with the previous comments above. Do not over analyze the domain for your site. Choosing a domain does not really have a huge impact on SEO. Of course, everyone prefers .com domains because this is the standard.

But again, no matter what you choose-> .com .info .co- i think, will just be okay as long as you properly set-up your site with good on-page SEO.

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Always get a .com TLD whenever you can. It's not really to help with your site's SEO, but that .com is the most well-known TLD, and users are more likely to type that versus other TLD.

I agree that you shouldn't over-analyze domains names. If you can get your main target keyword there, then that's great. But don't get twisted trying to figure out one. Just keep in mind that the domain name should describe your site/niche, be unique and easy to remember.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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I personally do feel that domain name per se doesn't actually change much. Just that it would be weird for an example reading about weight loss from makemoneyonline.com if you know what I mean :)
Other thing I do feel and I feel it strongly- free domain names (yoursite.something.com-like)-basically subdomains- don't rank well. At least for me they haven't ranked well and Google crawler visited my free sites way less than now.
I don't know, is it absolute truth, but anyways- proper yoursite.com, info, co, whatever work just same as we're talking about SEO. Just make sure that it's easy remembered and it doesn't hurt to have domain name close to the topic :)
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