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Does where the keyword in the title matters?

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Does where the keyword in the title matters?

When creating the titles for your articles, does it matter where the keyword is in the title? I think I read somewhere that it's better to put the keyword right at the beginning and all the extra words after it. Is that true?
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I don't think it matters where the keyword is, so long as it is there. Besides, it will be difficult to come up with a title if the keyword/s need to be in a specific position.
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This is true but what about the domain name.
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Having a keyword rich domain name helps but is not necessary.....look at google or yahoo....they don't have any keywords in their domain but they rule the search engines.... : )
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Definitely it matters, We should not ignore the keyword in the title. I believed that when you have a good title with interesting keyword it can influence your rank and it can attract reader/researcher to click your content. And the most important is we should not forget that when we use search engines titles comes first before the content.
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It doesn’t really matter if it’s at the beginning or at the end of the title, just as long as it’s in the title, Use it also as the main term on your article, use it along with some of your other terms in your blogs, and other articles you put on the internet in order to draw targeted traffic to your website.

Another thing to consider is to pick the best keyword in your title, The actual text you use in the title tag is one of the most important , The unique combination of your keyword and phrases will draw customers using different search engine terms , so be sure you capture the best keyword you need for your title, article or information page because this is where it will be in large determine

But don’t forget also to consider that most of your patrons do not bother to know the name of your article or website name until after they have looked at your site or interpret your article and decided it is worth book marking, so aside from a good piece of writing article its also better if your website designer or creator is not an SEO guru but just a plain good artist :-)

Just remember that the more often that your website rank ‘s high in search result pages means a great boost for your business.

Good luck and more power!
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Keywords in the title matters. But I dont think the exact positioning of the keywords in your title will affect you in anyway. Most important thing is, the keyword is there.
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Having keywords in the tittle really matters. How will you rank high in the results and get clicks by searchers if the right keywords are missing from the title? Most readers will take a few seconds to make up their mind either to read your article or not so the title needs to grab their attention.

The title is one that grabs the readers attention and makes them want to read the article. But remember to always write for the human visitor and not for the search bot. And also remember that the article must fulfill the promise of the title, so if the title offers SEO strategy the article better offer some SEO strategy.
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